Meterolites designer mirrors (MDM) specialises in unique and individually crafted mirrors, reflective of your idea in mind, created especially for you… or that special someone.

Creative wall mirrors, different and diverse mirrored shapes sizes and all that glitters or sparkles, incorporating various substrates, colours and finishes into your design, is the heart of our business.

Having insight into your vision is our key priority, collaborating tighter to ensure the end product is reflective of your concept. A treasure for life.

Our services are available globally.

Any past designs and shapes shown in the portfolio section can be made to order.

Engineering, Saftey & Design

Meteorlites in it's conceptuion, the first priority was to improve the saftey of all products that we manufactured. With Chris's background in oil and gas and an engingeering background, we set our own standards in saftey of all our hanging products.

Firstly that involved the clerical and the management of the business, setting out work procedures for installation of the mirrored works David made and for hiring ensuring its integrity and safe installation.

The following aspects were incorporated to ensure the saftey standards of all our products:
- For large heavy items, a structural welded frame fabricated by a quality steel fabrication manufacturer with a welded hanging point
- All critical welds had NDT (non-destructive testing) done and MT (material testing) done and a certificate issued to certify this product safe with a maximum loading applied
- Solid steel bar with a welded cross bar to prevent any pull through
- Solid foam is used, not only was it water resistant (used as ballast tanks) it was also resilient to fire and very durable
- Welded chains and stainless steel snaphooks are used to hang the objects
- Mirrorball motors was fitted with a safety clutch to eliminate any possibility of a entanglement on the rigging from either cabling, streamers balloons, etc. (The item would just stop turning, it protected the motor from overheating and possible fire and from damage)
- Leads and powerboards electrically tagged

Saftey certificates

Stainless steel hanging points

DJ Kitty Glitter's Commissioned Shoes

DJ Kitter Glitter had a pair of shoes that needed a makeover and asked if they could be mirrored.

Old fittings are removed from the heel-less stiletto.

Mirroring the contoured sections of the suade to the shape of the shoe.

Nearly complete.

All mirrored and now time to dry.

Cleaned and ready to party!!!

Live with DJ Kitty Glitter.

Colour and movement.

DJ Mikey B's Commissioned Retro Balls

DJ Mikey B came to me wearing a T-shirt with a custom mirrorball design and asked if I could bring it to reality.

Base of retro ball is cut to shape out of foam and hanging point is installed.

The foam balls are painted black, tiles are hand-cut and glued to the ball.

After the glue has dried, all excess glue is scraped, cleaned and polished.

Vinyl is cut to shape and glued into position.

Back to disco.

Your project requirements

To get started on your commissioned piece we have a few requirements for you to consider:

- Your shape, size and depth of your custom object

- If you have a favourite object or piece you would like to be mirrored (e.g. shoes, hat, vase, etc.)

- Base of the object (foam, wood, metal, etc.)

- Modifications to the object that can be lined the mirror

- What your commissioned piece will be used for? (to look at strength of piece for one off use or multiple)

- Storage requirements of piece (e.g. road case for traveling)

- Style and size of mirror cut (we can do many style of cuts and patterns)

- Other materials can be added (e.g. crystals, metal, leather, wood, glass tiles, ceramic tile, coloured glass or a favourite object or objects to be added in or on, etc.)

- Where the piece is to be used (indoor or outdoors)

- Particular photos traced and cut into a wall mirror (e.g. Photos of a special person, pet, etc.)

What's next?

Get in contact with us to begin your journey or to discuss your concept or if you have any other questions.


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