About us

David has always had an artistic gift and enjoys working on creative work. What started as a hobby turned out to be a full time career especially with the creation of the mirrored stars.

Chris comes from a Engineering and marketing background and developed David's creative work into a viable business using this creative talent to help develop a successful business which focused on theming of events and marketing. Chris has developed products and methods to create works and supply product to areas of extremes (i.e. flying of objects on flying foxes, rating and certification to meet strict industry standards, development of unique systems including drive motors with built in safety clutches and self- powered motors able to turn and hang huge amounts of weight.)

We both work amazingly well as a team and developed the business from a hobby to its peak in 2001. We both found and developed a unique artistic ability to visualise and install amazing effects into any area. We work with an uncanny eye for the creation of effect by lighting.

Our story

It started with the creation of a single, sparkling, sliver glittering mirror ball 20 years ago.
In my hand was a 4" Chinese mirror ball, all dinged and dented.

I immediately felt passionately connected, I picked up a glass cutter there and then, and off I went training myself, using all the scrap mirror I could find. Two weeks later, with a bit of a bang and a lot of bling, I had created my first mirror ball!

This amazing creation was donated to the Mystical Cave Function Centre in Perth, Western Australia.
With this, our company Meteorlites Designer Mirror Balls was born with the sole purpose to completely transcend the style and shape of the common mirror ball.

This mirrorballed into a leading successful event and hire company born on the west coast and coming to the east, shinning the light, setting the stage, creating themes, theming event such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, major functions in our Australian Parliament House in Canberra and setting the scene for many amazing corporate events, creative moments and spaces over the decade. Showcased, was a diversely extensive range of mirrored shapes of all sizes, majestic and sparkling table centre pieces as well as morning stars and gladiator stars, highlighting many important events and special occasions, across the nation and even starred in New York.

The hire part of Meteorlites business was sold in 2002. With an innovative and invigorated vision. 2012 had Meteorlites Designer Mirrors embarked on a new and exciting journey.

We are now solely focused on commissioned concepts with a vision to create iconic, individual and unique works of art, all starting with DJ Mikey B's Retro Balls and DJ Kitty Glitter's Shoes. We are also adding in new materials like crystals, textured metals, leather, ceramic tiles and timbers.

2013 has added a new dimension to our core business, with your idea, concept, my glass cutter in hand, and a shared vision, creating that special something, watching it come alive, glittering in all its own glory.